The banks of streams and bodies of water have been frequented since prehistoric times. Man indeed found his drinking water, food (fishing) and hunting sites (fording or watering animals).

In all sacred cults, water is used to fertilize, baptize and purify. Water conveys information, fluidifies, follows forms, regenerates and widens the range of possibilities. Land near water, whether by the sea, large rivers, small streams, lakes or pool and listening to what is going on in and around us allows us to refocus, to find our inner temple. The calm of the water resources our body and soothes our spirit. This sound reminds us of our natural environment. So, it gives us confidence and relaxes us.

«Time passes, and it turns the wheel of life like water that of the mills»
Marcel Pagnol

It is this relaxing effect that Yoshi has reproduced through all the watches on this theme.