What if I have not recieved an order confirmation ?

Your order confirmation is sent to your e-mail address directly when your order is placed. You can check if the e-mails are not in your spam box or also see your order if you log in to your user account. If you have not received a confirmation, please contact customer our service by email : contact@tacs-watch.com

Which countries do you deliver ?

Briston delivers its watches all over the world. If your country is not in the list, please contact us : contact@tacs-watch.com

What is the delivery time?

Find all the details for delivery time by zone on the page of shipping. Delays indicated are an average.

What is the shipping cost ?

TACS offers free standard shipping worldwide and 5€ for Express delivery.

Do I have to pay customs duty and VAT outside the EU ?

If you order outside the EU, VAT and customs duty have to be paid in your homeland.

Both VAT and customs duty differs between countries and we advise you to contact your customs office for more information.

Universal import duty & tax calculator : cliquez ici.

Frequently asked questions about watches

My Day & Night watch is delaying

The crowns of Day & Night watches have 2 positions :

  1. By pulling the first time, you can move the hand clockwise quickly,
  2. By pulling a second time, the hand turns slowly in both directions.

Be careful, for any adjustment of the time, it must go through the second position of the crown stem, otherwise the watch will be delayed.

Adjustment of Automatic Watches

The crowns of automatic watches are screwed down, the crown must be screwed back in order to guarantee the water resistance of the watch. To wind the movement manually, unscrew the crown and turn it as if to screw it in, you will feel a scratching which indicates that you are winding the movement.

My Automatic Watch stops

automatic watches have a power reserve of 42 hours when the movement is fully wound. automatic watch is a mechanical watch that harnesses kinetic energy from the natural motion of the wearer's wrist. The mainspring is automatically wound from the natural movements of the wearer's wrist. If the wearer’s wrist isn’t enough in motion, the movement will discharge and the watch will stop.

Water resistance of watches

Here is a table of what is allowed to do depending on the water resistance of your watch :

BE CAREFUL, a waterproof watch means that the case is waterproof, leather straps are not made to go underwater.