TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Classic box
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Timeglass - Black - TS1801A
TACS - Classic box

Timeglass - Black - TS1801A

En cours de réapprovisionnement
Livré sous 3 semaines

Inspired by the shape and functionality of the hourglass. At first, an hourglass is seen as a simple tool for measuring time. However, this is a very deep representation of time because if the upper part of the hourglass represents the future and the lower part represents the past, then the center will represent the present. We set out to create a watch that would embody this idea by incorporating the curved shape of an hourglass at the dial and hands to create the illusion of time passing. The simple but impactful design of the TimeGlass is a reminder to focus on the present and live life to the fullest.


The watch

Inspiration often comes from what surrounds us, Timeglass comes from the idea of ​​an hourglass that can seem simple and yet full of nuances. In an hourglass, the top represents the future and the bottom represents the past, so the center will represent the present. This watch has a round case with concave edges. The case is made of 316L brushed steel and covered by a flat mineral glass. The bottom of the box closed by 4 screws is funnel-shaped to take up the idea of ​​flowing sand. This funnel shape is imperceptible when the watch is worn. It is the first watch without a conventional crown since the time is set using a push button at the back of the case.

The dial

The black dial is round and still funnel-shaped to take the shape of the hourglassfrom above as it flows. The stick hands are curved shaped, the hour hand is gray and the minute hand is white. In a style of purity specific to TACS, the dial bears no time mark.


TACS chose to use a Swiss movement, the quartz ronda 756 (ETS) , the battery generally lasts 60 months.

The Strap

The black strap is made of leather, you will notice that an hourglass is inscribed on the strap near the case and a white stitching is presnet at the end of the strap. This bracelet fits into the case and is equipped with a flash pump. The clasp is composed of a pin buckle in brushed 316L steel. This simple and neat bracelet will adapt to all wrists.



This timepiece has a water resistance of 30m or 3ATM in watchmaking language. You should not therefore bathe your favorite jewelry. You can wash your hands, splash water on it while you are in the rain. On the other hand, you will have to leave your timepiece aside for swimming, showering and bathing. The leather strap will experience premature wear if you bathe it. Our team recommends that you leave your watch dry to preserve the precision and quality of the mechanism.

Case diameter
Ø 42 mm
Case Material
Stainless steel
9.7 mm
Bracelet Material
Calf Leather
Black grey
Strap width
18 mm
All our watches are guaranteed for 2 years parts and labor

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