TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Classic box
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Day & Night - Black - TS1602B
TACS - Classic box

Day & Night - Black - TS1602B

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The TACS mono Hand Watch goes around the dial in 24 hours. Discover the Day & Night watch from TACS or when daytime and night share the same dial, a men's or women's watch. Look at this dial cut into part daytime from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. and nighttime from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. The upper circle represents a sun and the lower one a moon. When it is noon, the needle, also carrying a small circle, passes exactly in the middle of the sun to form an eclipse. With this watch, you'll have so many thing to share!

Case Color
Case diameter
Ø 41 mm
Case Material
316L steel
8.5 mm
Bracelet Material
Calf Leather
Strap width
20 mm
Type de Mouvement
Quartz Ronda 505.24H
2 years on the move

The watch

Tacs has the vision to create timepieces that transcribe unique ideas, transforming them into an innovative design while remaining functional. This Day & Night model perfectly reflects this vision. Its round 316L brushed steel case with a diameter of 41 mm will dress both men and women. A flat mineral glass is placed on this case, surrounded by a thin fixed bezel. Bringing a slight contrast, the winding crown placed at 3 o'clock presents a polished finish. The watch house's name and logo are engraved on the nested polished case back. Immerse yourself in the Tacs universe and let yourself be seduced by this charming, design and refined watch.

The dial

Taking inspiration from the day and night cycle, this dial is divided into two distinct sections, each with its own color and texture. Clean and minimalist, the slightly raised upper part of the dial is brushed finish and matches the day part with 12 o'clock estimating that the solar day begins at 6 a.m. and ends at 6 p.m. The lower part of the dial background displays a semi-circle set back, it will represent the night. An empty empty circle in the middle of the upper dial will represent a sun while a solid circle at the bottom of the dial will represent the moon.

On the perimeter of the dial a minute railroad is made up of gray lines, each line represents 10 minutes, so you will notice that there are 5 lines between each hour.

You will notice that midnight is at the bottom of the dial instead of the conventional six and is represented by 00 instead of 24. In the center, the solitary hand circles the dial every 24 hours. This single hand reveals a full circle in the middle of it, this circle evokes a solar or lunar eclipse when it is noon or midnight.

In order to offer you a clean, minimalist mono hand dial full of history, Tacs has banned any inscription or text on it.


This 24-hour model is powered by a Swiss-made quartz movement. This is a Ronda 505.24H caliber in a non conventional configuration. Usually mounted with 4 hands: hours, minutes, seconds and GMT, Tacs has chosen to remove the 3 hands and keep only the GMT in order to offer you a single-hand timepiece (24-hour single hand).

The bracelet

This magnificent timepiece has a smooth black Nato-type leather strap. Entirely in calf leather, this flexible and comfortable bracelet has a pin and 3 brushed silver loops.

If you want to know more about Nato, see our partner's article:



With a water resistance of 5 atmospheres, corresponding to 50 meters, this watch is a first step towards the world of water resistance. While not designed for bathing, sport swimming, or scuba diving, you can afford to forget to take your timepiece off while showering. However, all of our professionals recommend that you keep this timepiece dry in order to preserve its mechanism for years to come.

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